Apr 18, 2015

Update April 18, 2015

It has been a while since my last post. There has not been much movement lately, so there was no reason for an update.

I am not so sure anymore that the current primary cycle started on October 16 2014. If this date was the start, we are now in week 27 of the primary cycle that has an average length of 18 weeks and a maximum duration of about 26 weeks. There is a chance the decline to the primary cycle bottom has started. This is visible in the DAX, but not yet in the CAC40 and US indices. It is possible there will be a decline until about April 26, which will make the declining part at the cycle end short-lived.

A different scenario is that the current primary cycle started on February 2nd in the US indices and January 6 in the European indices. This would mean that we are now in week 15 for the European indices and week 11 for the US indices.

The possible turn dates for next months are:

Based on astrology:
  • 12-5-2015
  • 22-5-2015
  • 22-6-2015
Based on day counting:
  • 26-4-2015
  • 20-5-2015
  • 26-6-2015
Bradley dates:
  • 22/26-4-2015
  • 10-5-2015
  • 23-5-2015
  • 9-6-2015