Feb 20, 2015

Update, February 20, 2015

So where are we now in the primary cycle? US indices made a bottom on February 2, which falls within the timeframe of the possible January 28 turn date, and also corresponds to the February 1 Bradley date.

Looking at the price, one might say that there was a primary cycle bottom on February 2. As only the US indices made this bottom and European indices did not, I think we are still in the primary cycle that started on October 16, 2014. This means we are now in week 19. The possible February 7 turn date did not produce a turn.

The remaining possible turn dates for the current primary cycle are:

Based on astrology:
  • 5-3-2015 (The entire period of planetary activity runs from February 25 to March 11)
  • 4-4-2015

Based on day counting:
  • 7-3-2015*
  • 10-4-2015

Bradley dates:
  • 13-3-2015
  • 3-4-2015
  • 15-4-2015

*In my previous post, I mentioned March 11 as a possible turn date based on day counting. I changed it into March 7 as this date gives a better match.

It seems that, again, we are heading for a primary cycle that takes its maximum duration of around 26 weeks.