Dec 12, 2014

Possible reversal dates for 2015

Analyzing the planetary events in 2015, I think the following dates are possible reversal dates for stock markets. I made a distinction between dates with a very high possibility (level 1) and the dates with a normal possibility (level 2). Please allow a margin of 3 trading days before and after the dates listed.

Level 1:

This year I only have one possible turn date with a very high chance of a turn. The entire period of planetary activity runs from February 25 to March 11.

Level 2:






This date could extend until September 28.

 Other dates:

This is the end of the shmitna and could cause a serious decline, comparable to the bankruptcy of Lehmann brothers, which also fell on the last day of the shmitna in 2008. This will probably not be a market turn, but more a acceleration of a (down) trend (only IF it happens). Please note it is on a Sunday (and coincides with a partial solar eclipse).

Above dates are only based on astrology. The expected turn dates based on day counting will be added during the year.

Remark on this year’s lunar eclipses

This year, there are 2 total lunar eclipses: on April 4 and September 28. The first one has minimum declination on the preceding day and the second one has minimum declination on the preceding day and perigee on the same date. These lunar eclipses occur in series of 4 total lunar eclipses in a row. The first was on April 15 2014 (major bottom in Nasdaq) and the second on October 8 2014 (a week before a major bottom in various indices).