Nov 29, 2014

Update November 29, 2014

Markets have been going up since my last post of October 19. There has been no turn since then. Or perhaps one could say that November 17 was a bottom and from then markets turned upwards. However, The preceding decline is hardly visible and it would only apply to the DAX and CAC, and not to the US indices. 

The question now is whether markets made a primary cycle bottom on August 8 or on October 16. The most logical explanation is that the October 16 bottom is the bottom of a larger cycle. It must be used as the start of the new primary cycle. I think the August 8 bottom is still a primary cycle bottom, as the previous bottom was on February 4 and with a maximum length of about 26 weeks, August 8 is close to the maximum duration. 

The remaining expected turn dates for this year are:

Based on astrology:

Based on day counting techniques:

Bradley dates:


I will soon publish my expected turn dates for 2015 based on astrology.

Remark on the FTSE 100: I keep this blog analyzing turn dates of the main US indices (Nasdaq, S&P500, Dow Jones) and European indices (DAX, CAC 40 and FTSE 100). However, the FTSE 100 is behaving more and more differently from the other indices and I will attach less value to the FTSE 100.