Oct 19, 2014

Update October 19, 2014

The primary cycle that started on August 7 made a top on September 19 (on some markets on September 4) and then started an impressive decline. The top on September 4 was within the range of 3 trading days from the possible turn date of September 8. The top on September 19 fell just 1 day outside the range of 3 trading days from the possible turn date of September 25. I had high expectations of October 8 as a possible turn date, but it did not work out (or only for one day in US indices). It is quite possible that the expected turn date of October 16 has brought about a turn.

On September 25, there was a geocentric 120 degrees aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. I did not expect this much reaction, but it is something to keep in mind for the next passages. It comes in 3 passages and the other ones are on March 3 2015 and June 22 2015.

The expected turn dates from my previous post are still valid. However, I added November 17 to my list of possible turn dates.

The remaining dates for this year are:

Based on astrology:

Based on day counting techniques:

Bradley dates:
Level 1: 20-11-2014
Level 2: 10-12-2014, 26-12-2014

The end of the current primary cycle should be between October 31 2014 and February 6 2015. As indices have already declined below the cycle start, this makes this a bearish cycle and bearish cycles usually do no take the maximum length. The past several cycles were very long, more or less the maximum length, which I do not expect to happen with the current primary cycle.