Aug 20, 2014

Update August 20, 2014

We can say a new primary cycle has started on August 7/8. There was a decent decline in the European markets and the decline in the US markets was not very impressive, neither in time, neither in price. The turn date was 2/3 days after my expected turn of August 5 that I calculated with day counting, but there were no astrological events of any importance around this date. The last few primary cycles had a duration that was close to their maximum duration of 26 weeks and this might be happening again with the current cycle. If so, it will take 6 months to complete and it will be bullish.

I have the following possible turn dates:

Based on astrology:
See my post Possible reversal days for 2014 from January for the details.

Based on day counting techniques:

I don’t have any turn dates for 2015 yet, although this primary cycle might extend into next year.

Bradley dates:
Level 1: 20-11-2014
Level 2: 9-10-2014, 16-10-2014, 10-12-2014, 26-12-2014