Jun 11, 2014

Update June 11, 2014

Stock markets “survived” several ugly planetary configurations and continue to rise. There was a more or less sideways movement between mid January and mid May, but markets have broken out above previous tops. Venus in its home sign Taurus is very bullish again. We are now in week 18 of the primary cycle that has a maximum length of about 25 weeks. At the moment, I would wait for Venus to leave Taurus (June 24) before we can expect the markets to drop. Markets will probably make a low around July 16 (primary Bradley date) and then continue to rise. As a result, we will have another very long bullish primary cycle (about maximum duration), which is common with Saturn in Scorpio (Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 24, 2014).

My expected level 1 turn date of May 16 did not work out. Please note that as a result, my expected turn date of October 8 loses strength.