Apr 13, 2014

Update April 13, 2014

So where are we now in the current primary cycle that started at February 4 2014?
Markets are turning over and it strikes me that the tops are made on different dates.

The tops since March 2009:

Dow Jones: December 31, 2013
Nasdaq: March 6, 2014
S&P 500: April 4, 2014
DAX: January 21, 2014
CAC: April 4, 2014
FTSE: May 22, 2013 (!!)

My weekly indicator tells that all 5 indexes are negative, except the CAC. Especially the Nasdaq looks negative, while it used to be the most optimistic. It is very likely that we have seen the tops of the current cycle and will continue declining until the end of the cycle. The CAC and S&P might put in a slightly higher top some time.

Primary cycle start
Cycle end @ min. duration
Cycle end @ max. duration

Possible reversal dates:





Bradley dates:


16-July-14 (level 1)

I have added June 15 to the list because it has several hits with day counting. In addition, Neptune goes retrograde on June 8 and this event has a high correlation with a primary cycle turn. It is more or less a stand-alone event, that is why initially I did not give it that much importance.