Feb 5, 2014

Update February 5, 2014

Where are we now within the current primary cycle?

All indexes have made tops on various days:

S&P 500: January 15.
NASDAQ: January 22
DOW: December 31 (around Bradley day of January 1)
DAX: January 22
FTSE: January 21
CAC: November 7 (Bradley day) and later a lower top on January 21

The tops on January 21/22 fall just outside my expected turn period of January 26-31. I gave this date a lot of thought and I think the trigger has been the heliocentric 120 degrees aspect between Jupiter and Saturn on January 18 and not the configurations I had in mind. I checked market behavior around heliocentric aspects between these planets and they are something to take into account.

My expected turn period of January 26-31 did not bring a turn, so I think we will continue going lower until the beginning of March. Don’t be surprised if some markets (probably not all) will make higher tops around April 22.

Let’s go back to 2007. Markets made a top mid July, descended, and made another top mid October. Some indices made a higher top, some a lower top. The NASDAQ was an exception as it made its top end October. There was a period of 90 days between these tops. On October 9, 2007, Jupiter and Uranus made their third geocentric square aspect in a series of three. On April 19 2014, around 90 days after January 21, Jupiter and Uranus will again make their third geocentric square aspect in a series of three. The difference is that in 2007 it was a waxing square (270) and in 2014 it will be a waning square (90). It is an aspect to take into consideration, together with the other planetary events around that date. Don't be surprised if the end of April will be a long time high.