Jan 5, 2014

Update January 5, 2014

We are still in the primary cycle that started on September 4 in the European indexes and on August 28 in the US indexes. We are now in week 18.

It is possible that the top of the cycle is in. The top of December 31/January 2 is still within the range of three trading days of my December 26 turn date. It is a stronger date than January 26 2014, but that would mean a decline until the beginning of March, as I don’t see the January 26 reversal date to become a bottom. That is a long decline that we have not seen in a long time. Please note that there was a Bradley level 1 turn date on January 1 2014.

Only the German DAX and the US markets are still making higher tops. The CAC made its top on November 7 and the FTSE on May 22 !!!
I prefer the scenario with a higher top around January 26.

Jan 2, 2014

Possible reversal days for 2014

Analyzing the planetary events in 2014, I think the following dates are possible reversal dates for stock markets. I made a distinction between dates with a very high possibility (level 1) and the dates with a normal possibility (level 2). Please allow a margin of 3 trading days before/after the listed dates. This year I also took into account day counting. This means this year the list is shorter than last year. I only listed dates that have astrological events that could turn markets and that are confirmed by day counting.

Level 1:

This seems to be THE event of the year.

Level 2:


The entire period is April 15 to 29. There are very impressive astrological events, but none of them has a high change of a primary cycle turn.



Extremely high chance on cycle bottom or top but no confirmation by day counting and pretty much a stand-alone event. It falls within the 10 day trading range with my  expected October 8 turn date, so perhaps this date should be taken together with the October 8 turn date.
A lot of events, but not very strong ones, If October 8th turns out to be a strong reversal, forget about this one

The real period is January 26 to 30 and allow an orb of 3 trading days on either side of this period. The astrological events around this date are not very impressive, but as the current primary cycle started at September 4, this cycle has to end before March 8 2014. The top of the cycle should be a couple of weeks before this date and the period January 26-30 is one of the candidates.
This day comes back several times in my day counting formulas, but I don’t see astrological events of any importance. Please note that April 6 is a Bradley turn date.

Please also take into account the Bradley turn dates for 2014.

Happy new year and wise trading to everyone.