Oct 27, 2013

Update October 27 2013

Update October 27, 2013

Markets are still rising and there is no sign of a top. We are approaching the 4th geocentric Uranus - Pluto square in a series of 7. This will take place on November 1. The  last square, on May 20, had a huge impact. Let’s see what number 4 will bring us. Please note that the heliocentric Uranus - Pluto square takes place on November 23.
Are we still in the cycle that started on June 24th? I think so, but there is also a chance that a new one started around September 4. Let’s assume we are still in the cycle that started in June. Tehre is not much left of my initial favorite scenarios :(.

The current scenario is as follows:

Please note that November 3rd is a Bradley date.

The astro events in November are:

It is a bit difficult at the moment as the indicator shifts from positive to negative and vice versa several times during a cycle. This should not happen in a strong trend. Furthermore, it is remarkable that the FTSE has not taken out the top it made in May, while other indexes have made new tops.



Oct 7, 2013

Update October 6, 2013

I think we will have to wait until a decision is made about the US debt ceiling before we will have a clear view of the current situation. There has been a top on September 19. It could be that this has been the top of the current week cycle. We are now in week 15 of the current cycle. The US indexes have shown some downward movement, the DAX and CAC40 are not very far away from the cycle top. Only the FTSE has made a negative crossing in the indicator.

If markets continue to fall and there will be an agreement on the debt ceiling just before the deadline on October 17th, is very possible that the date of the agreement will be the cycle bottom.

Please note that there are Bradley turn dates on October 8th and November 3rd. The first one is not included in my list of possible turn dates for the year. There is a chance the the top of the current weekly cycle has not been placed yet and that we wil first see a higher top. Then a turn around Octber 8th should be the start of rising markets to a new top. Personally, I would wait for an agreement for the US debt ceiling.